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Modular Industrial Switches - MICE series

Industrially compatible, flexible, economical and future-safe - these are only a few features, which the intelligent MICE system is offering. Regardless of standard or configurable switches, the modular structure pays off especially in the long term: MICE Switches and media modules offer you maximum flexibility and therefore perfectly prepared for the growing network demands of the future. Switches can be used in economic automation applications such as in networks in harsh industrial environments, or in highly complex applications that require high port density or the highest availability and reliability.

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As an experienced manufacturer of industrial network components for factory, process and transport automation, Hirschmann™ also offers leading-edge solutions in the field of fiber optics – for process control and traffic routing as well as for the energy sector. Ring sutiable repeater supporting Profibus, Modbus, Geniusbus and RS485. Ring redundancy with 0 ms ringconfiguration time in in the event of a network fault. Ex-approvals for Zone 2 according to ATEX (RL94/9/EG), FM and NEPSI, Zone 1 Apporvals according to ATEX (RL94/9/EG).

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Compact Configurable OPEN RAIL SWITCHES

Rail switches with management functions guarantee high availability of complex automation systems with innovative redundancy solutions and the option of network monitoring. Small compact form-factor with very high port density up to 26 ports, Gigabit capable and selectable uplink ports One software platform for all managed switches continuous network solutions from L3P to L2B, from the floor to the backbone Optional extended range and different approvals Meets all relevant industry standards Compatible with Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP etc. A made-to-measure switch for an off-the-shelf price Very easy and fast device replacement with auto configuration adapter ACA. Product Configurator

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