OWL LTE M12 – is a single box cellular router with a rich set of features that provide wireless connectivity, internet and remote access solutions to transportation settings using high-speed cellular technologies and embedded GPS functionality. Supports LTE, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE Technologies and it has rich set of features such as two SIM card holders, two LAN ports, RS232, USB interface, two digital I/O, SD card slot, GPS and dead reckoning, GSM calls via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).


Unmanaged Ethernet switch with protective metal housing, designed for reliable and secure data transmission and video streaming in harsh industrial environments.

  • Compact, easy-to-implement device – This switch comes ready-to-use straight out of the box and can quickly be installed in tight locations without being housed in cabinets
  • Developed to master high network loads – The OCTOPUS 8TX-EEC provides the high throughput and low latency required by high-definition IP-cameras
  • Secures the network – Shut off unused ports or limit the network load for enhanced IT security
  • Approved for transportation industry – The OCTOPUS 8TX-EEC meets applicationspecific regulations and has all the necessary approvals for use onboard road and rail vehicles

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GREYHOUND 1040 Gigabit Ethernet Switch


Gigabit Ethernet switch with extended range of software features, designed for use in harsh industrial environments with a need for cost-effective, entry-level devices. As network needs change, the switches offer flexibility through field exchangeable port modules. They also feature a rugged design to handle demanding industrial applications, including power generation and distribution operations, like substations.

Flexibility – the switches are designed with the future in mind through customizable and interchangeable media modules to keep pace with evolving network needs.
Designed for industrial environments – built to withstand high temperatures, high vibration and electrostatic discharge often found in industrial automation and power utility settings.
Reliability – achieve improved network availability through new management features, including redundancy protocols, diagnostic features and comprehensive security mechanisms

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OWL 3G Industrial Cellular Router

The OWL 3G Industrial Cellular Router offers increased routing functionalities and advanced security capabilities in a single, reliable product. Its Web interface supports a rich set of configurations and the enhanced software technologies make it easy to customize.

  • Optimal network performance – redundancy provided by dual SIM cards and two Ethernet ports guarantees the highest network availability in harsh conditions, along with best-in-class integrated firewall protection to address growing security concerns.
  •     Easily configurable and customizable – while remaining simple to configure and use with minimal product knowledge, its open LINUX platform allows for advanced customization.
  • Reliable remote access – remote access to widely distributed machines, industrial equipment and mobile applications enables customers to monitor and control industrial equipment remotely. This minimizes time-consuming on-site visits and delivers cost savings.

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Hirschmann SPIDER III Standard Line unmanaged, entry-level, industrial Ethernet rail switches bridge long distances without disruptions

The SPIDER III Standard Line of switches is future-proof with Gigabit speed performance, offering you the full advantage of Ethernet technology. These switches are also designed for use in harsh environments and have the necessary certifications, making them the ideal for the manufacturing, machine building, solar power and traffic control industries.

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Hirschmann RED25 switches enable cost-effective, customizable networking solutions for industries in need of redundancy and security

This family of entry-level, Fast Ethernet redundancy switches is designed for use in industrial automation applications that need high-end redundancy topologies.
To offer flexibility for network administrators, the switches are available in two versions: four Fast Ethernet (FE) TX ports or two FE TX ports, plus two FE small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports. RED25 is based on Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS) software and offers a comprehensive range of security features.

Cost-effective solution

- Entry-level product with many features and port configurations
- Creates one of the best cost-performance ratios on the market

Maximum uptime through vast redundancy options

- Maximum productivity for systems and machines based on interruption-free data communications
- Supports many redundancy technologies, including parallel redundancy protocol (PRP), high-availability seamless redundancy (HSR), device level ring (DLR), rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) and media redundancy protocol (MRP)

Flexible for future needs

- SFP modules enable simple, in-the-field changes

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OCTOPUS OS30/34 Switch


This flexible switch delivers maximum network availability and accelerated data transfers under extreme environmental conditions, meeting the needs of today’s data-rich industrial settings. With four Gigabit ports to enable high-speed connections, new routing functionalities and the latest bypass relay feature specified in IEC 61375, the OCTOPUS OS30/34 broadens the functional range of the switch series.

The OCTOPUS OS30/34, with Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports available for either fiber or copper cabling with PoE, allows customers to choose a switch that meets specific needs:
• The smaller housing allows for a maximum of 20 ports, including four Gigabit ports and up to 15 PoE ports.
• The full-sized OCTOPUS adds eight additional Fast Ethernet ports for a total of 28 ports per OCTOPUS.
• The OCTOPUS OS30/34 is available either with Layer 3 routing software or with Layer 2 switching software.

The switch meets market specific regulations, including EN 50155 for operating conditions in railway vehicles, EN 50121-4 for use on railway lines, EN 45545 for fire protection in trains, GL for ships and e1 for use in road vehicles.

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RSPE switches from Hirschmann™

Thanks to a range of media modules, the managed industrial Ethernet switches in the new RSPE family offer maximum flexibility, a future-proof network design and best-possible investment protection. Standardized redundancy protocols with no data loss technology, combined with comprehensive security mechanisms, precise synchronization and optional Layer 3 software, ensure 100 percent availability for data communication and high productivity for systems and machines.

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OCTOPUS 8/16/24M-Train-BP with bypass relay

The new OCTOPUS Train-BP managed IP67 switch guarantees high-availability data communication in trains. Even in the case of a failure, it still maintains the connection between adjacent switches.

Now for the First Time, the OCTOPUS Train-BP has Uplink Ports with Bypass Relay. It Therefore Fulfills the Extremely Demanding Requirements for Use in Ethernet Consist Networks of Trains (IEC 61375-3-4 Draft Standard, Redundancy Level 3).
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