Zarządzalna seria Octopus III

The Full Gigabit managed OCTOPUS PoE switches come equipped with full Gigabit Ethernet capability on all ports to optimize network performance in harsh, condensed operating settings.


The Full Gigabit OCTOPUS IP67 Ethernet switches offer a powerful, yet economical, solution for industrial engineers seeking to optimize Network performance in harsh, condensed operating spaces.

  • Maximize network Performance and guarantee highspeed connections with full Gigabit Ethernet Options on all ports
  • Power connected devices up to 60 W through PoE with standard voltage of the switch
  • Ensure network reliability under extreme conditions with vibration and waterproof IP67 housing design
  • Save precious operating space with L-shaped housing for reduced cabling space and IP67 protection for cabinet-less mounting
  • Full Gigabit Ethernet switch and router in IP67 housing
  • 120 W Power over Ethernet with optional PoE supply
  • Configurable feature sets including three housing sizes for 8, 16 or 24 ports
  • HiOS software up to Layer 3 advanced for switching and routing
  • Power supply variants include 24 V DC, 110 V DC, 110 V AC and 230 V AC
  • IP67 and IP65 protection degree
  • Vibration-proof M12 connectors
  • Extensive operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Rail approvals for safe usage onboard, as well as along tracks, including EN 50121-4, EN 50155, EN45545-2