Next generation MACH104 + MACH4002+24G successor

Hirschmann’s GREYHOUND 105/106 family of switches delivers fast, secure, cost-effective and future-proof connectivity for modern industrial environments. Depending on network size, the GREYHOUND switches are multipurpose and highly configurable – serving at the backbone or aggregation layer. With a unique combination of high port density and Gigabit Ethernet speeds – all within a small form factor – these switches are ideal for any industrial application requiring high performance or security.




  • Redundant HV or LV power supply (optional)
  • PoE++ as an option, 60W/port, total PoE power budget ~800 W
  • Fanlessdesign
  • Signal contact, management USB-C, SD card
  • Secure Boot
  • MACSec (optional)
  • Software level L2S –L3A
  • Operating temperature -10 to 60°C
  • UL61010, EN 50121-4 (track side)

Support MACSec –IEEE 802.1AE

  • MACSec is a standard based Layer 2 encryption and authentication protocol, enabling wire-speed encryption (up to 10GE).
  • Protects networks against attacks on Layer 2 such as ARP spoofing and man-in-the-middle
  • MACSec is a hop to hop network traffic protection, meaning that each packet is decrypted at each hop and encrypted again before being sent out. Thus it is still possible to apply other features such as traffic prioritization (e.g. QoS) or filtering (e.g. ACL).