OZD Profi Atex

Fast Fiber Optic Repeater for Explosion Protection Zone 1


The Hirschmann™ OZD Profi G12 ATEX 1 Series devices are designed especially for setting up high availability Profibus networks in explosion protection zone 1. These networks are used, for example, in big chemical plants, on drilling platforms or in refineries. This FO repeater is, however, also ideal for food industry scenarios where there is a need to reduce the risk of dust explosions during milling. Hirschmann™ OZD Profi G12 ATEX 1 devices are also fully compatible with all the other FO repeaters in the OZD Profi family. These are suitable for implementing highly available Profibus networks outside of explosion protection zone 1.

Benefits at a Glance

Approvals for explosion protection zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
Optical ports op-is certified
All Profibus data rates up to 12 Mbps
Ring redundancy without measurable interruption
Integration into the process control system via signal strength outputs
Continuous optical performance monitoring
Ex-e terminals for all electrical connections
Redundant 24 Volt power supply
Switch for activating the integrated bus termination and monitoring signal quality
LEDs for link status, data transfer activity and error situations
Models with stainless steel or plastic housing
Function module available separately