OZD Profi G12

The fiber optic repeaters deliver flexible, reliable and high-performing connectivity in environments where network uptime is mission critical.


Hirschmann Fieldbus Repeaters for standardized fieldbus protocols transmit relatively small amounts of data over large distances quickly and reliably. Fieldbus Repeaters are ideal for use in real-time control networks that extend across long distances; however, as a result of various legacy systems, there are diverse protocols and standards in use all over the world. Learn more about how to find high-quality optical fiber cable modules for your systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Failsafe & Reliable Operation: Redundant 24V power supply inputs and built-in ring redundancy
  • Line Flexibility: Choose between variants for singlemode, multimode and plastic fiber
  • Seamless Integration: Process control systems use signal strength outputs, LEDs for link status and data transfer activity