The BAT-C2 is particularly compact and can be used as WLAN client and access point simultaneously.


Hirschmann’s BAT-C2 WLAN Client and Access Points provide heightened performance and cost-efficiency to today’s increasingly automated industrial environment.

The compact design allows easy integration into modern AGVs and robots for industrial applications.

  • Provides unmatched speed and security, due to the 11ac double-antenna design and high-speed Wi-Fi roaming capabilities.
  • Seamlessly integrates into modern industrial infrastructures with its compact, lightweight design featuring a water and vibration-proof plastic housing.
  • Offers optimal cost-efficiency through scalable, vendor-neutral integration and energy-saving remote power down of non-essential devices.
  • 802.11ac fast-roaming WLAN Client
  • WLAN Access Point for machine building and remote maintenance
  • Supports simultaneous Access Point/Client function
  • Lightweight for maximum project scalability (< 250 grams)
  • International compliance (Europe, U.S., China)
  • Dual mountable for upright or flat installation
  • Compatible with third-party Wi-Fi installations
  • Uses local Wi-Fi for simple integration and automatic Access Point control
  • Remote-triggered relay to control power of attached devices
  • Maximized component lifetime (up to seven years)
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C
  • Water and vibration-proof IP65-rated plastic housing
  • Scriptable via Python, configurable via CURL