Virtual BAT Controler

Operate networks virtually and lower the cost of installation and maintenance significantly with the BAT Controller Virtual, a flexible and scalable software-based router.


The BAT Controller Virtual enables the automatic setup of WLAN access points and secure VPN connections between sites with just a few mouse clicks. With advanced security support, flexible storage backup and robust functionality, the software ensures reliable connectivity for mission-critical industrial networks.
  • No Hardware Required: Provides an immediate, cost-effective and scalable path to automated network management
  • Easy-To-Deploy: Enables simple and fast WLAN access point management
  • Advanced Security Functionality: Ensures corporate data is well-protected, even in distributed operations, with IPSec-VPN, elliptic curves and AES-GCM
Key Features

• WLAN controller function for up to 1,000 WLAN access points
• Central-site VPN gateway with IPSec-VPN functionality for up to 1,000 VPN channels
• WLAN Public Spot functionality
• Supports IPSec-VPN based on IKEv2, elliptic curves and AES-GCM
• Synchronize configurations across multiple controllers with Cluster Sync
• Switch to a backup controller in less than 500 ms for fast failover