Dioda danych

The Rail Data Diode RDD20 enables a one way transmission from a secure part of a network to a vulnerable part and makes sure that no data traffic on the vulnerable part can influence the secure part.


Hirschmann’s Rail Data Diode secures mission-critical Ethernet networks through guaranteed one-way data traffic, while also transferring data out of the secure part of the system in a highly controlled, deterministic manner.

  • Reliably protect networks from external cyber threats through singular data flow
  • Securely transfer Ethernet data to the public internet without putting the system at risk
  • Easily explain product functionality for simpler governmental approval processes
  • Secure Ethernet ports that are safe from vulnerabilities
  • Quick data transmission speed for timely monitoring
  • Hardware-based device for easy-to-understand operation
  • Standard RJ45 and vibration-proof M12 connectors
  • Redundant voltage supply for greater availability, including 24 VDC, 110 VDC and 110/230 VAC
  • Conformal coating for protection from harsh elements
  • Industry-approved for use onboard trains and along railway tracks