Industrial Core Switches DRAGON PTN with HiProvision Software and MPLS-TP Technology


This backbone device, configured using HiProvision provisioning software, offers a reliable, packet-based MPLS-TP technology to transport mission-critical data through large networks.

MPLS-TP provisioning is similar to SDH/SONET provisioning, but comes with a powerful network management system that makes it easier to provision and maintain the network.

It guarantees bandwidth with the same deterministic behavior as SDH/SONET eliminating their disadvantages for packet based communication. Using MPLS-TP engineers can gradually migrate networks using limited resources.

The new DRAGON PTN with HiProvision solution enables engineers to configure their Networks effectively and be better prepared for future technology changes

  • Ensure dedicated bandwidth with low-cost, interoperable MPLS-TP technology.
  • Easily configure and manage complex networks with intuitive provisioning software.
  • Fully redundant System with multiple switching modules and power supply options.
  • Seamlessly integrate legacy systems through a variety of redundant interface card options.
  • MPLS-TP technology delivers dedicated bandwidth for different services and 50ms protection switching
  • HiProvision software for easy configuration and management of large transmission networks
  • Industrial HiVision integration for backbone and access network
  • Variety of interface modules and port types to ensure flexibility and seamless integration of legacy systems
  • Resilient against harsh conditions with operating temperatures varying from -30 °C to +65 °C
  • Redundant central switching modules and power supplies guarantee high network availability