Zarządzalna seria Octopus II

Specially designed for use at the field level with automation networks, the switches in the OCTOPUS family ensure the highest industrial protection ratings (IP67, IP65 or IP54) regarding mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock and vibrations.


This performance class offers four uplink ports in Fast Ethernet or Gigabit speed to enable high-speed connections, new routing functionalities and bypass relays specified in IEC 61375. Versions with PoE support including the Gigabit ports allow terminal devices to be powered via a data cable, meaning no additional power supplies are needed.

They are also capable of withstanding heat and cold, while fulfilling the strictest fire prevention requirements. The rugged design of the OCTOPUS switches are ideal for installing directly on machinery, outside of control cabinets and distribution boxes. The switches can be cascaded as often as required – permitting implementation of decentralized networks with short paths to the respective devices to considerably reducing costs for cabling.